The story behind Phenomix Sciences

If there is one thing we need to do, it is to cure obesity so the generations that follow don't have shorter lifespans than previous generations.

Curing obesity saves money, improves health, and extends lives.

Unfortunately, obesity rates have doubled in the last 20 years. Without changes, 50% of the adult population will be obese by 2030.

To address the challenges, science has brought us new medications - not all of them successful and more than a few with severe side effects. While medications come and go, complications associated with surgery and diets have come and stayed. 

However, thanks to phenotyping, we can better understand the unique genetics, microbiome, and metabolism of individuals. Phenotyping enables us to understand the type of obesity disease people have and tailor treatments that address it specifically. 

The groundbreaking technology from Phenomix Sciences is rooted in hard science from Mayo Clinic.  We're committed to advancing the understanding of obesity treatment through precision medicine.   

We believe knowledge is power, and the ability to diagnose and treat patients with the right diet, the right medication, or the right procedure will be a major step forward for curing obesity. 

Today, diet and exercise help people with obesity lose approximately 5% of their total body weight. Adding medication increases the amount of weight patients lose; however it is difficult to know which patients will respond to each specific medication. Obesity phenotyping has been shown to identify patients who will respond to the medication prescribed. In so doing, patients achieved 2x greater weight loss than those who were not phenotyped, according to the Mayo Clinic study.  

(in 2013 AMA categorized obesity as a disease.)

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Who benefits from MyPhenome test?

Patient Benefits

  • Patients are tired of hearing "if you only ate less you would lose weight." They want to understand the real issue about why they gained weight in the first place. MyPhenome™ test is geared to provide the answers to those questions. 
  • MyPhenome™ test is about the patient, and what the patient’s body actually needs to win the weight-loss battle.
  • MyPhenome™ test provides the insight required to decide what foods to eat, when to eat, what types of medications will best support individual weight loss, or what procedures are the best fit for your unique phenotype. That’s precision medicine that works.

Physician Benefits

  • Physicians can provide answers to questions patients have been asking for years, "why can't I lose the weight?"
  • Provide guidance to weight loss interventions based on scientific phenotypic evidence of what works for each patient.
  • Knowing patients have a higher response and success rate with the recommended weight loss plan gives physicians the confidence to prescribe medications or recommend procedures that will lead to success, and drive patient engagement with their tailored plan. That’s precision medicine that works.

Payer Benefits

  • To offer the most favorable plans, health insurance companies often pay a high cost to cover certain medications and treatments. The decision on which options to cover becomes even more challenging when only 30% of their members are successful enough to lower healthcare costs.
  • MyPhenome™ test empowers payors to make obesity coverage decisions based on hard data about which treatments are best suited for each patient. That’s precision medicine that works.