A simple saliva test to identify the right  treatment

Understanding your obesity phenotype helps pinpoint what drives your weight gain and limits your ability to lose weight. A phenotype is the underpinning of your obesity; and now, we can identify it with a simple saliva test.

What is Obesity Phenotyping?

Maximizing weight loss

Jennifer, a patient, weighed 260 pounds after having two children. Her weight loss plateuaed, and she feared she would never lose the weight she gained. Jennifer was convinced she was an emotional eater because she would eat when stressed. Bariatric surgery seemed like her only option, but she asked to get phenotyped first.  

Phenotyping results revealed that she had Hungry Gut phenotype, which caused rapid gastric emptying.  Armed with this knowledge, she began eating and taking medication that was complementary to her Hungry Gut phenotype. Jennifer was able to lose 100 pounds, which she has kept off for four years.

How testing works

The test itself is simple.  We will gather saliva from you and it will be sent to our lab for analysis.  Results will be sent to you and your physician within 4-6 weeks of receiving your sample.


What to Expect