Should you consider Ozempic or Wegovy as a weight loss solution?

August 4, 2023

The Wall Street Journal recently profiled Phenomix Sciences, discussing the rise in popularity of weight loss drugs and how phenotyping can arm physicians with the information needed to assess whether patients should be prescribed these drugs. Identifying if a person’s genetic makeup predisposes them to obesity using phenotyping is the secret to finding the treatments that will work for them. 

The weight-loss space is quickly maturing into a booming pharmaceutical segment like those for cancer and heart disease. Investors are making bets on the next breakthrough product and drugmakers are racing to test dozens of new therapies. Companies are developing diagnostic tests that could better match patients to drugs best suited for them.

“It is almost as if a completely new disease area has been discovered that just happens to have 100 million people in it,” said Mark Bagnall, chief executive of Phenomix Sciences, a startup that this year rolled out tests that help doctors match patients to weight-loss drugs. “It is just a mind shift that is happened that is so profound.”

Access the full article in the Wall Street Journal here.