Personalized Obesity Care Genetic Testing Available to Women in New Phenomix Sciences and Hello Alpha Partnership

 The first-of-its-kind collaboration combines personalized genetic insights with evidence-based treatments to provide accessible and effective obesity care for women


Menlo Park, Calif., July 9, 2024 – Phenomix Sciences (Phenomix), a precision medicine biotechnology company that brings data intelligence to the treatment of obesity, announced today a partnership with Hello Alpha, a virtual primary care platform built to empower women to take control of their personal healthcare in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process. This first-of-its-kind collaboration gives Hello Alpha’s expansive network of providers and patients access to the MyPhenomeTM genetic obesity test, a simple saliva test that identifies a patient’s subtype, or phenotype, of the disease. Starting today, Hello Alpha is offering the

MyPhenome test alongside weight loss counseling and support to the first 50 eligible patients within its network. The test will be available September 2 to all new and existing Hello Alpha patients.

“Women face challenges of weight gain particularly with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pregnancy, and menopause,” says Mary T Jacobson, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Hello Alpha. “The Alpha-Phenomix partnership will be a gamechanger for women who seek medical weight loss at all stages of their reproductive health.”


More than 1 in 4 U.S. women (27.5%) are overweight or experiencing obesity, often facing complex and unique hormonal changes along with societal pressures that influence weight gain throughout their lives. Despite the prevalence of these issues, women’s health and obesity still remain under-researched areas in healthcare. This new partnership aims to address this gap by leveraging Phenomix’s expertise in personalized obesity medicine and Hello Alpha’s accessible healthcare solutions for women at all life stages. Combining personalized genetic testing with evidence-based treatment is the key to long-term success in patient weight loss journeys.


“We are thrilled to launch our first consumer partnership with Hello Alpha. Their holistic treatment approach and team of women’s health experts allow us to bring personalized obesity care to new patients across the U.S.,“ says Mark Bagnall, CEO of Phenomix Sciences. “Providing convenient access to obesity treatment is key in fighting this global epidemic. Together with Hello Alpha, women now have the resources they need to find the right treatment for their unique type of obesity and support lifelong healthy weight management alongside their provider.”


The MyPhenome test identifies obesity phenotypes, including Hungry Gut (accelerated gastric emptying), Hungry Brain (a person who consumes too many calories without feeling full), and Emotional Hunger (individuals who eat in response to emotional triggers). Once results are in, providers develop precise and effective treatment plans including lifestyle and diet intervention as well as medication and/or procedure recommendations specific to that patient’s genetics. Studies have shown obesity treatments tailored to a patient’s phenotype(s) are twice as effective as other one-size-fits-all treatments.


“Obesity is a complex disease that, much like women’s health, needs to be treated holistically. With the help of Phenomix Sciences, we are among the first to offer personalized obesity treatment genetically matched to each woman’s needs,” said Gloria Lau, CEO of Hello Alpha. “By combining this personalized approach to weight loss with the convenience of telehealth, we’re poised to address a key issue in women’s health across the U.S.”


Hello Alpha offers a PCP-centric, whole-person care platform built to empower women to take control of their personal healthcare by covering all of her virtual care needs. Each patient gets a dedicated PCP when she signs up, and the same provider cares for all of her primary medical needs online to ensure continuity of care. Now equipped with the MyPhenome test, this provider will guide them through the simple saliva test process, the comprehensive test report that offers personalized context behind the cause of their obesity, and continued care throughout their weight loss journey.


To join the Hello Alpha-Phenomix program and sign up to receive the test, click here. Find out more about the MyPhenome test and the science of phenotyping online here.

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About Hello Alpha

Hello Alpha is a virtual primary care platform that specializes in inclusive, expert care for all by bridging the gaps in women's health. Through technology and a specially-trained team of primary care providers (PCPs), Hello Alpha delivers whole-person care and expands healthcare accessibility. Hello Alpha's approach to weight management balances lifestyle changes with new medication to deliver strong, sustained clinical outcomes in a cost-effective manner. Every patient partners with a dedicated PCP who provides personalized, preventive care and evidence-based treatment at every visit. Our platform eliminates the most common barriers to healthcare with asynchronous telehealth visits that empower patients to get care at any time without appointments, travel, or waiting rooms. Founded in 2017, Hello Alpha provides patient care nationwide at a demonstrably lower cost. Hello Alpha serves patients directly and through their employers.


About Phenomix Sciences

Phenomix Sciences is a precision obesity biotechnology company on a mission to conquer obesity globally using our proprietary genetic tests, unique data sets and advanced analytics. Phenomix believes that the key to understanding obesity is its unprecedented access to clinical and molecular information throughout all stages and phenotypes of the disease. Phenomix leverages data intelligence to yield better accuracy in predicting individual patient response to specific weight loss interventions and reducing the variability in weight loss results for patients. For more information, please visit



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