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In the era of blockbuster obesity drugs, a personalized approach could boost outcomes

The pharmaceutical industry has seen a wave of interest in weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy. However, obesity is complex, and a personalized approach is key to finding what works best for each individualized patient. In a recent article in PharmaVoice, our CEO shares how phenotyping is bringing precision medicine to the obesity space and how pharmaceutical companies can benefit from and play a dynamic role in this movement. 

“Like a lot of different areas of medicine, we’re finding that people are different — big surprise — and as a result, they respond differently to different interventions,” Bagnall said. “And 10 years of NIH-sponsored research into quantitative measures of obesity determined that 85% of patients have fundamentally four different subtypes or phenotypes of obesity.”

After running reams of data through machine learning analysis and artificial intelligence bioinformatics systems, Phenomix developed a test that could fit into a normal doctor visit and determine which of the four types of obesity a patient has, making certain treatments more likely to help.

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